induction cooktop berghoff - Berghoff Induction Cooktop: Compact Cooking

Berghoff Induction Cooktop: Compact Cooking


You can honestly say that nowadays urban living is all about making the most out of small spaces. Tiny, at times. For all of us people who need to manage with small apartments and compact living spaces, the Berghoff Induction Cooktop is the answer.

Check it out – this induction stove comes with 9 power levels, a soft touch sensor with knob control, and a plastic housing with ceramic glass surface; It’s light and can be carried easily, and most importantly, takes up very little space. It is the perfect tool for compact cooking!

I love practical items. I love them even more when they are designed in a sophisticated way that actually makes you want to use these items. This is exactly the case with the Berghoff Induction Cooktop. Its elegant and sophisticated design says it all – this is a great way to cook. Now you can only hope that your cooking is as good as how your cooktop looks.



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