mini fridge marshall2 50x50 - Marshall Amp Fridge: A Fun Tribute to the Real Thing

Marshall Amp Fridge: A Fun Tribute to the Real Thing

“The coolest icon in music just got cooler” – is the tag line for this new Marshall Amp Fridge. Cheesy line? Yes. But it’s OK, Marshall can get away with it because they’re awesome. This small mini fridge is the perfect way to enhance your jam session. Visually it fits right in with the group and it’s ready to serve up some cool drinks in style.

But you don’t necessarily have to be a serious rocker, hosting nightly jam sessions in your basement, to enjoy this fridge. Any one who is a fan of music and plays an instrument, like the guitar, would find this fridge amusing. You could place it in your living room, lean your guitar against it and no one would ever know it’s a fridge.

Try doing that with a regular mini fridge. It may be a bit awkward to try to explain to people why your guitar is leaning against a mini fridge in the middle of your living room … especially if your kitchen is five feet away. Best get the Marshal Amp fridge, right?

With authentic Marshall features, like the authentic logo, Jim Marshall’s signature, and control knobs that go to 11, it’s a fun tribute to the real thing.



* More info at marshall fridge

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