modern fan otto2 50x50 - Otto fan: summer breeze

Otto fan: summer breeze


Say hello to Otto, a whisper quiet fan, made from the prettiest bamboo wood, forming a round shape, standing on high grade steel, adjustable height legs for a modern, contemporary and practical design.

Much like fresh green bamboo sticks decorating corners of your home are associated with a sense of freshness, this device will keep you cool inside, when temperatures hit the red level.

Decide which of its three speeds is the most desirable and enjoy from a gentle breeze to a totally cooling and refreshing wind. Its industrial capability fan will perform magnificently at changing the air circulation when the slightest breath of air is welcome. Most important of all, the enjoyment of the breeze or wind won’t be disrupted by any kind of buzzing noise.


Otto is designed by the renowned Swedish designer Carlo Borer and it measures 7.2″ in diameter, 13.7″ in width and 14.8″ in height. The pretty bamboo it’s made of is protected by oil varnish, so that you may enjoy it for a long time.

Its adjustable feet will ensure that you receive your refreshing wind just exactly there where you wish, while operating economically at 45 Watts. So what are you waiting for? Prepare that cooling drink, grab your current favorite book or magazine, position yourself in your preferred nook and allow yourself to be refreshed and cooled, despite the super hot summer temperatures.


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