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Corkcicle: perfect wine every time


This might be the most brilliant invention ever regarding wine coolers, not to mention among the most suitable gifts for the holiday season both for guys and ladies. If you are like me, then you put at least some effort in finding the right presents to bring along when invited. Circumstances when one needs to purchase something for a person not so close to aren’t rare and it is it for such occasions that Corkcicle will prove to be a life saver!

Whether accompanying the wine you are offering or just simply on its own, Corkcicle will be cherished by the host or hostess on the spot. Just the perfect way of keeping those fruity white wines cool, while cooling a bit down those room temperature reds.

And what about the traditional ice bucket you might as well inquire? Isn’t it doing its job properly? Well, as a matter of fact it doesn’t. And when leaving the wine simply on the table will turn the wine too hot in about three quarters of an hour, keeping it in an ice bucket will turn the wine too cold, interfering with its aroma and taste.
It’s a very perplexed issue, that of bringing out the best of each individual type of wine. It’s a little bit like science one could argue.



No worries. Corkcicle has done its homework and appears to be perfect in first bringing and then maintaining your wine’s temperatures to mere perfection. How does it work? In three super simple steps:
1. Freeze your Corkcicle.
2. Place into your bottle. For room temperature reds, insert and leave inside bottle for about 15′ in order to cool it down. For whites, simply place and keep them stably cool for as long as an hour.
3. To refill glasses, pull out Corkcicle about 75% from the bottle. Tilt the bottle over the glass to fill.

Easy peasy! I want one for our home and about a dozen to bring as presents. How about you?

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