wall storage pod pad31 - The Podpad: a piece of art for storage

The Podpad: a piece of art for storage

You’d think the Podpad were some piece of art suspended on your wall. A 4.5 inch thick installment made of four differently-sized, modernist-looking rectangles highlight an iPhone dock recessed in the construction.

But unveiled and opened, the Podpad is the perfect laptop workstation for the space constrained. The four rectangles open to reveal a fold-down desktop, cabinets for storage and filing. There is also a charging station on board for any gadget you need to use.


Open or closed, the Podpad is a sound system to which you can connect your iPhone or iPod. All the audio is integrated, and it is even recommended that you use the Samsung wireless SoundBar speakers which will fit well into the Podpad’s thin shape.


If you live in a tiny apartment, a room in a shared space, or you just prefer to have the floor clear of everything at the end of the day, the Podpad is perfect. When you’re done with your work, just shut the cabinets and admire the restrained but bold design.

Available in walnut with white or bamboo doors.


Designers: Ruphus
Photography: Heath Korvola

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