Elkebana is a wall-mounted trophy for plant lovers. It is a fully loaded whimsical riff on the ancient Japanese art of harmoniously arranging flowers. Fabio Milito and Paula Studio create this unique, warm-your-heart, piece in Italy. If you just saw the wooden shield, you would assume it would be awaiting a taxidermied creature. Yet this trophy is safe for vegans and non-hunters alike. Just add flowers and imagination to create an ever-changing display of nature’s bounty. Continue reading


Manifold Clock

The Manifold Clock is a beautiful designer clock, by Studio Ve, that offers a refreshing alternative to the traditional wall clock. The Manifold doesn’t have any numbers, and instead of regular dials, the hands of the clock are connected by a colorful flexible sheet of paper. The flexible sheet gives the clock a unique 3D effect, while its shape and colors change as time passes by. How cool is that?! Continue reading


Haoshi Cuckoo Clock

Here’s a refreshing contemporary twist to the traditional cuckoo clock. Instead of there being just one bird in the clock, Haoshi placed a second bird next to the clock. This way, when it is time for the Cuckoo bird to sing, it exits its home and approaches the second bird and sings to it. This delightful concept communicates the need for companionship and sharing. Continue reading



The Babylon is a beautiful set of office tools that includes a pair of scissors, a stapler, a cup to hold writing utensils, a free-standing pen, a sticky tape holder and a clock. What sets the Babylon collection apart is its phenomenal design. The collection was primarily inspired by rock strata and each item has an appealing multi-faceted surface. While each piece has its own individual appeal and can stand alone, when the items are combined, the design language that ties the pieces together shines through and gives the collection its splendor. Continue reading


NLXL & Studio Job

NLXL is the brainchild of Piet Hein Eek and NLXL founders Rick and Esther Vintage, headquartered in the Netherlands. In 2014, the design world was delighted to learn that they had announced their collaboration with Job Smeets and Nynke Tynagel of the iconic Studio Job. This small yet mighty company has unveiled yet another unique collection of extraordinary wallpapers that are now available to the public. A diverse collection of floral, geometric and botanical prints will please a wide range of styles from classic to quirky. Continue reading



One of my favorites parts about selecting a piece for my home is when there is a great back-story behind it. Purchasing one of Poligon’s sculptures is one of those stories… Continue reading


Paper Collective Posters

I like to mix and match when it comes to my home decor, especially with art. Whether it’s Black & White photography, art prints or posters – anything goes as long as it touches the soul. A few days ago I stumbled upon Paper Collective, a Danish group that curates and produces beautiful graphic prints and design posters by top international graphic designers, artists and illustrators. Continue reading


ClickClock Lamp

The ClickClock Lamp is a beautifully designed contemporary piece that combines a light fixture and a clock. It is ideal for those who need space-saving solutions since it is small and compact. A great feature of the clock is that it is sound activated and you can turn it on by clapping your hand or clicking your fingers (and it also automatically turns off). The ClickClock Lamp has an appealing rectangular shape and the light fixture is classic white. The base comes in several tones of wood and you can also choose from a variety of LED colors. Continue reading


Around Clock

The Around Clock is an analog clock that displays the time on a cylinder as opposed to a traditional flat face. It has a very clean and minimalistic design that grabs your attention and invites you to experience telling the time in a brand new way. The Around Clock has a contemporary aluminum finish and its numbers and marks are displayed in clear and bold black font. I particularly like the arm which is bright red and made from a solid cable like material. The arm gently rotates around the cylinder to indicate the time. Continue reading


Ang flower Vase

I love flowers and I love having a flower arrangement on my dining room table. I think the Ang Flower Vase is absolutely fantastic since it makes arranging the flowers really easy and it displays them so that they look their very best. Unlike regular vases, the Ang Vase has a broad bracket that supports the flowers and gives you a lot of freedom to arrange them the way you want. Best of all, it has an exquisite design. It is made from mouth-blown glass combined with brass and is certain to compliment the design of any home. Continue reading