Gridy me mirror: traditional mirrors in unconventional uses


Here is a very interesting approach to a daily use object since centuries, the mirror. The mirror, also known as that object with which one spends some of his / her most personal moments, making sure everything is in best condition on their face. I have the impression though, that the designers behind “Me me me” mirror were aiming at giving this traditional object a wider use. Why not use it as a decorative object around your home, making sure it reflects but the prettiest views, while bringing in a little more light? Its simple and elegant appearance allows it after all. Continue reading

Pieces of Time Clock: The Simplest is the Best


It has always been my belief that bare wood, with little if any modification, inspires the best design. Also, somewhat of a confused geek, I shift between loving digital technology and being completely frustrated with it. If ever I’m in one of my anti-technology spells, I’d imagine the Pieces of Time clock by Ding 3000 to satisfy the need for simpler technology and design. Continue reading

Buro Set by Lexon: The Complete Desk


Consisting of tape, a calculator, a USB hub, stapler, hole punch, calendar, and even a magnifying lens, the Buro Set by Lexon is a seven piece accessory set sure to make the obsessive modernist very happy. Continue reading

Broksonic Ultrasonic Humidifiers: The Line Between Style and Substance


With a fluid shape, the Ultrasonic humidifier and diffuser set from Broksonic makes its function clear. Its wavy, droplet form echoes the humidifier’s objective of distributing water vapor to soften a dry room. While many humidifiers are big boxy things, this collection clarifies that the pure function of an object does not govern how attractive or boring it will look. Continue reading

Bana vase collection: Rough materials and sharp lines ready to embrace delicacy


Whether you like colorful flowers or minimalist green leaves to bring life to your home’s decor, the Bana Vase Collection is an unusual suggestion for their arrangement, which will open your eyes to many possibilities. The Bana vases come in groups of three or two and are in fact black hand painted tubes of steel cut diagonally so that they are never vertical – a feature which gives them a contemporary dynamic design. Continue reading

Galileo Telescope: A beautiful sight


The award-winning Galileo Telescope is a renovation of the exact telescope used by Mr Galilei to spot the phases of Venus, or Jupiter’s lesser-known moons. The tube is not only faithful to the exact length and focal distance used by Galileo, but also to the 17th Century material of choice – birch wood. The only differences are the use of modern optical lenses to optimize your view of the planets. The mechanics and stand are also made in metal, finished in white, which makes a lovely complement to the pale wood (and will match your Apple accessories). This telescope looks very different from most of the bulky black equipment on the market, but doesn’t scrimp on performance. Continue reading

Slate-Ish Tiles: Sustainable interior design just a stones’ throw away


The range of tiles from Slateish are composed of reclaimed Richelite or Paperstone, a high tech paper resin layer material (if you need more detail Google has your back). Aside from some directional jewellery, the brand specializes in tasteful, simple slate effect tiles for all uses.

The range comes in six unpretentious shapes, and there is no minimum order, so you can bring some sexy stone effect to even the smallest space. Of all the geometrical styles, our favorite is six-sided Hex, or three-sided Tri, which will both bring an understated cool to surfaces. The tiles are lightweight and easy to fix, in a selection of 3 earthy colors – Soot, Chocolate and Bark (slightly darker when painted with Bioshield sealant for waterproofing). Continue reading

Flaster Tiles: Pick, Mix and Grout


The Flaster tile series by Ivanka is a colorful, innovative tile collection designer that balances a classic Turkish shape with novel materials and combinational flexibility.

Available in 3 depths and 2 sizes, it comes in a set of 30 beautiful standard colors, and if that’s not enough, custom color requests are available. Made from 100% performance concrete, the tiles are a uniform shade the whole way through, giving a special solid and pleasing sort of effect. The design is a traditional dual-symmetrical arabesque cross shape, the sort often seen in the near east (and now your house!). Continue reading

Perpetual Calendar: Color pop your way through the seasons


The perpetual calendar by Block Design is part of the company’s confident, rainbow hued range of homeware, designed in Cornwall UK. The calendar is as simple as they come, using cut-out letters and numbers with a reverse colored magnet that shifts to highlight the current date. Continue reading

Wallpapers: Wall to wall wonderful


The collection of ready, custom and bespoke wallpapers by IdentityPapers offers a refreshing set of wall coverings with intellectual as well as aesthetic interest. All are printed digitally on robust non-woven paper. Walls can lose their passiveness if clad in one of these papers, whether using complex image collages (see Mi Casa Su Casa for example) or geometric lettering (we love The Quick Brown Fox), the designs invite interaction from viewers. Whether reading the text or spotting the odd one out, you are bound to spend a few seconds at least looking closely. Continue reading