World Clock

The 11+ World Clock transforms the relatively mundane task of calculating time zone differences into an interactive and highly aesthetic experience. The Clock has a unique cylindrical design that displays 24 of the world’s top cities in 12 different time zones. In order to move between the time zones, users need to select a particular city and then roll the Clock to see the local time in that city. This playful interaction between users and design truly redefines the traditional functionality of a clock and introduces a new way of looking at our global village. Continue reading


Ready Made Curtain

Not often do I wonder how I can improve my curtains. They are very stark, almost ugly, and functional. I think about installing new ones because they don’t block enough of the ambient streetlight in my neighborhood. Continue reading


Sian Zeng’s Magnetic Magic

Sian Zeng, an award winning London based designer, creates whimsical, fun, and interactive products for children and the young at heart. Her wall paper designs invent magic fairy tale rooms that let imaginations soar. With a magnetic under layer, the Woodlands and Dino patterns allow your children to connect with design and write tales of their own. Continue reading


White & White LED Clock: Bold, Very Bold

Big, bold numbers are the centerpiece of the White & White LED Clock from Kibardin Design. Set up in a 24 hour mode with three-dimensional classic digital numbers, the White & White clock simply cannot be left unnoticed. Continue reading


Wallsuit: Dressing Your Space

I love this concept and its realization that varies for each individual. Nikola Saric dresses spaces, much as a suit clothes us in our very own personal style. Particularly he dresses the walls which define the boundaries of rooms. Wallsuit attempts to redefine your lifestyle by crafting your personal story for your home. Continue reading


Gridy me mirror: traditional mirrors in unconventional uses


Here is a very interesting approach to a daily use object since centuries, the mirror. The mirror, also known as that object with which one spends some of his / her most personal moments, making sure everything is in best condition on their face. I have the impression though, that the designers behind “Me me me” mirror were aiming at giving this traditional object a wider use. Why not use it as a decorative object around your home, making sure it reflects but the prettiest views, while bringing in a little more light? Its simple and elegant appearance allows it after all. Continue reading


Pieces of Time Clock: The Simplest is the Best


It has always been my belief that bare wood, with little if any modification, inspires the best design. Also, somewhat of a confused geek, I shift between loving digital technology and being completely frustrated with it. If ever I’m in one of my anti-technology spells, I’d imagine the Pieces of Time clock by Ding 3000 to satisfy the need for simpler technology and design. Continue reading


Buro Set by Lexon: The Complete Desk


Consisting of tape, a calculator, a USB hub, stapler, hole punch, calendar, and even a magnifying lens, the Buro Set by Lexon is a seven piece accessory set sure to make the obsessive modernist very happy. Continue reading


Broksonic Ultrasonic Humidifiers: The Line Between Style and Substance


With a fluid shape, the Ultrasonic humidifier and diffuser set from Broksonic makes its function clear. Its wavy, droplet form echoes the humidifier’s objective of distributing water vapor to soften a dry room. While many humidifiers are big boxy things, this collection clarifies that the pure function of an object does not govern how attractive or boring it will look. Continue reading


Bana vase collection: Rough materials and sharp lines ready to embrace delicacy


Whether you like colorful flowers or minimalist green leaves to bring life to your home’s decor, the Bana Vase Collection is an unusual suggestion for their arrangement, which will open your eyes to many possibilities. The Bana vases come in groups of three or two and are in fact black hand painted tubes of steel cut diagonally so that they are never vertical – a feature which gives them a contemporary dynamic design. Continue reading