Trombone Collection: For the Grown and Sexy

Sleek, modern, and sexy, the Trombone collection by Nick Munro is not your average set of barware. Inspired by the allurement of brass instruments and the sounds of jazz in the London night air, this sophisticated stainless steel ensemble features a band of smooth silhouettes, hip minimalist notions, and a cool mirror finish fit for any cosmopolitan. Continue reading


Glassbulb Lamp from OOOMS

Playing around with design can sometimes bring out the most creative of combinations. For example, when I think about a glass of nice Bordeaux, I find myself daydreaming about soft lighting and a relaxing ambiance… and there you have it, all combined in one beautiful product by The Netherlands-based design studio called Oooms.

What started as an assignment at The Design Academy, became a unique pendant lamp shaped like a wineglass. First, it serves as a lamp, but when the lamp is burned out (after approx. 20.000 hours), the glass can start its second life as a wineglass. How lovely, and Eco-friendly too. Continue reading


Statement bar series: philosophize your.. drink!

When names such as Arne Jacobsen and Paul Smith meet, the least one can expect is some breathtaking designs to be born. Since the 60s, the bar series of Jacobsens’s Cylinda Line has been every design oriented person’s dream and desire of the perfect serving or everything from Dry Martini Cocktails to the classic Whiskey Soda.

In the hands of Paul Smith, this elegant collection of bar accessories has turned into a true dream in black with beautiful, seemingly handwritten engravings into the black surface. How awesomely and surprisingly innovative! Continue reading


Lolls’ Wallbanger : an unexpected emergency kit promising… stress relief!

Loll’s Wallbanger, designed in collaboration with Urbancase’s Darin Montgomery, is a wall mounted bar inspired by the famous 50s drink consisting of Vodka, Galliano and orange juice invented by world champion mixologist Duke Antone.

Rather than analyzing cocktails in our post today, we’ll focus on how this magnificent piece of furniture proves to be a marvelous emergency kit of an usual type: the one carrying all the necessities for preparing delicious drinks at your veranda while having outdoor cocktail parties! Continue reading


Nuance Bottle Opener: Liquid metal

Have you ever tried opening a bottle with an old fashion opener? I’m sure most of us had that experience so we know most bottle openers don’t always fit every hand and sometimes it takes more than one try to open the bottle, not to mention the lack of visual design most openers suffer from.

Check out the beautiful Nuance Bottle Opener which combines all we need in one piece of art. This unique bottle opener is shaped like a drop of liquid metal – an unusual design that provides both style and a good grip. Continue reading


Chiringuito Cocktail Shaker: Cheers mate!

One of the things I like to do when I’m having a party in my house is to brag about my oh-so-mediocre bar skills I’ve picked up over the years. Most of the time the show runs smoothly and I get my “cheers”, but these days all my guests just want to see my new Chiringuito Cocktail Shaker… and who can blame them? Continue reading


Whiskey Glass Set: the smooth taste of

After a hard day at work I love to come home, sit on the sofa, pour me a glass of scotch and just relax. Most people don’t know but the glass itself makes the difference between a normal glass of whiskey to a superb glass of whiskey. That’s the place when Normann Copenhagen enters and introduces us to the high quality of this unique Whiskey Glass Set, where each sip you take feels like you’re drinking the nectar of the gods. Continue reading


Boska Holland: Explore Cheese


I love cheese. It’s the kind of food that can go with almost anything, whether for a date night or a dinner party, just dont forget to complete this flavorful culinary experience with a bottle of fine wine.

And if we’re already into cheese, looking for the right accessories to serve a rich Brie, a tasty Gouda, or a creamy Fondue for dining al fresco, then we must start with Boska Holland – the largest cheese instrument specialist in the world Since 1896. Continue reading


Cordless Wine Opener: Even Dionysus has one


During a large dinner party you’ll probably hear someone ask: Can someone open another bottle of wine? – and to be honest not all of us got the upper body strength to open a bottle of wine, and no one really wants to deal with the cork breaking into pieces. But now I’ve discovered the Cordless Wine Opener which makes the perfect wine accessory for those of us who are looking for a handy gadget to do the job for us. Continue reading


Rogar Wine Openers: Bottle Up


This luxurious wine openers collection from Rogar is crafted from cast aluminum with a beautiful antique-style finish, featuring an ornate raised design of grapevines and cluster of grapes. This beautiful piece will be a perfect gift for wine lovers, spicing up the room with old-school sophistication and distinguished elegance, and giving it a flair of the traditional gentleman’s club. Continue reading