Twist Decanter: Watching Wine Pour

Wait until the guests are here before you pour a new bottle of wine into the Twist Decanter. Or, you could always entertain yourself, too. The glass decanter is like a frozen tornado. It is designed with a deep pinch between the base and the top that twist the glass into a spiral. I would imagine that when the wine pours into the decanter, it begins to swirl like a fantasy dream sequence in film. Continue reading


3.2.1. Glassware: flowing


The 3.2.1. Glassware and tumbler set is either a functional arrangement of carafes and decanters or something like a piece of jewelry. It is difficult to tell at first because of how rare the design is and how stunning. Manufactured from blown glass and etched crystal, 3.2.1. is sure to make you feel like a very important person. Flowing from a triangle to circle shape from the bottom to the top of the bottle, 3.2.1.’s physical design reflects the constant movement of whichever drink you choose to fill it with. Continue reading


Top 10 Holiday Gifts For the ultimate bartender and wine connoisseur


The holidays are just around the corner, so we decided to make it easier for you to catch up on your gift list. Today we are focusing on stylish essentials for the bar and wine lover. From handy bottle openers and elegant wine decanters to complete bar accessory sets – Here are our favorite top 10 holiday gift ideas for the ultimate bartender and wine connoisseur. Continue reading

Canberra Showcase

Spiral Wine Cellars: Wine, architecture and nature’s perfect shapes


I’ve always been attracted to spirals. These natural shapes are associated with beautiful notions such as balance, progress, expansion and development. It’s a very calming symbol if I might say. One with a firm beginning but then an infinite end, allowing space for all the amazing outcomes which may appear. Spiral symbolism is not the subject matter here today though. But spiral wine cellars are. And what better way to store your favorite wine collection than in your own secret cellar? And even better, it can become the center of attraction when for example instead of a solid door, it is accessed through a round thick glass door embedded in the floor. Simply stunning! Continue reading


Crystal Tilt Decanter Set: Crystal clear visions and tilted dreams


Nambe’s products are well known for their elegance and sense of lifestyle since more than half a century ago. In fact the company was founded as early as 1951, in the tiny village of Santa Fe in Northern New Mexico. Together with time, evolution has come and the company has been introducing new collections, along with the older classic ones always keeping their value and being considered collectibles. Continue reading


WineHive Storage Rack: Honey bee-inspired, but grape-filled!


The WineHive rack is a light, strong and extendable bottle storage system built up from crisply interlocking aluminum units. Pieces slide together to link up any number of layers and columns to store your collection of vintages or plonk, and can also be built to custom design with added effects. Continue reading


Vino2Go & Brew2Go: Your favorite Drink, Anywhere!

Here’s a cool item for those who enjoy carrying safely their favorite beverage with them: a double-walled BPA-free SAN acrylic plastic drink tumbler with a closeable lid that holds 16oz of your preferred drink – like a cool beer or your favorite wine – while preventing spills, condensation, keeping insects and bugs out at the same time. Use it anywhere! Continue reading


Liasion 3 Piece Bowl Set


Start your next dinner party off right with this swanky three piece bowl set by Carl Mertens. The Liasion collection features timeless and elegant modern barware made from flawlessly polished stainless with a unique twist. Continue reading


bartule: The Ultimate All-in-One Bar Accessory


Here is a device whose name should be written in the dictionary as a synonym for elegant efficiency and practicality. Two in one or three in one devices, that’s something we are all familiar with. But how about eight in one? Yes, correct amount read. Eight, meaning: an ice bucket, a wine cooler, a bottle opener, a corkscrew, a measuring cup, a fruit squeezer, a salt rimmer and a coaster. Eight device in one, which saves space while offering versatility and quality in the preparation of your favorite drinks. A real bar butler would I dare to say! Continue reading


Corkcicle: perfect wine every time

This might be the most brilliant invention ever regarding wine coolers, not to mention among the most suitable gifts for the holiday season both for guys and ladies. If you are like me, then you put at least some effort in finding the right presents to bring along when invited. Circumstances when one needs to purchase something for a person not so close to aren’t rare and it is it for such occasions that Corkcicle will prove to be a life saver!

Whether accompanying the wine you are offering or just simply on its own, Corkcicle will be cherished by the host or hostess on the spot. Just the perfect way of keeping those fruity white wines cool, while cooling a bit down those room temperature reds. Continue reading