unique lamp shades tazanab - Unique lamp shades Tazana Blossom

Unique lamp shades Tazana Blossom

unique-lamp-shades-tazanaUnique lamp shades are not easy to find. That is if you never heard of Tazana’s lamp shades. They are simply beautiful. In fact I couldn’t make my mind up on which of the lamps to write about, so I’ve decided on making it a trilogy. So keep tuned to my next post on Tazana unique lamp shades.

This post is about the Blossom series, which seems almost as an unusual floral design.
“Inspired from paper cut for Christmas Mobile. Blossom exhibits the beauty of flower petals. We selectively chose silicone material to utilize its elastic property to form shape of blooming flowers. You could also easily put on or take off Blossom from your existing light bulb.”

I really like the fact that these lamp shades are adjustable depending on user’s imagination. It’s as if the bulb has decided to doll oneself up with this fluffy paper cut dress. Simply beautiful.

The Blossom design concept has a natural sense combined with applied Thai handicraft, “Technology Meets Handicraft”, as Tazana calls it. Tazana was created in 2005 by Mr. Suppapong Sonsang, a renowned designer in Thailand, and Microtek Products Co., Ltd.

This successful collaboration has been achieved by Mr. Suppapong Sonsang’s broad experience in designing rubber, ceramic, furniture, lighting and handicraft, while Microtek Products Co., Ltd. specialize in precision plastic injection mold and experiment in new material to create home decorative items and furniture.


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